A cold sterilant based on 4% Peracetic Acid for dialyzer reprocessing and Hemodialysis machines.

NANOCID is a stabilized mixture of Hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and acetic acid. It is a sterilant for reprocessing medical devices and has been extensively used in the reprocessing of Hemodialyzers.

NANOCID destroys microorganisms, viruses, bacterial, spores, fungi.

NANOCID is effective against HBV, HCV and HIV when used as a sterilant.

NANOCID acts as bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidaland virucidal.

By products of NANOCID form innocuous oxygen, water and aceticacid mixture.

Nanocid is a replacement for Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, Formalin etc.