NANOSTRIP is used for fast and relable determination of potency or concentration of peracetic acid present in peraceticacid based disinfectants used to disinfect dialyzers.

Dialyzers are generally filled with peracetic acid (NANOCID) solutions. Inadequate disinfection can result if improper concentration of disinfectant is used. The presence of disinfectant should be ensured and verified in every dialyzer prior to rinsing. Testing for the proper concentration of disinfectant ensures that the disinfectant has been properly diluted and is still present at adequate concentration.

NANOSTRIP test strips are supplied in ready to use form. The easy dip and read procedure provides results within 30 seconds when placed in contact with the sample.



Type                                       :           Semi-quantitative test strips

Packing                                 :           Jar of 100 test strips

Colour reaction                    :           White to Blue