TORAYMYXIN is a cartridge for extracorporeal treatment of whole blood, selectively adsorbs circulating endotoxins from the blood. The PMX-20R cartridge contains polystyrene-based composite woven fibre with polymyxin B immobilized on the surface through a covalent bond. The blood flows radially and uniformly through the fibres at a rate of 80-120 mL/min before exiting the cartridge. The recommended duration of the hemoperfusion treatment is 2 hours, twice in a 24 hour period.

TORAYMYXIN extracorporeal hemoperfusion removes endotoxin from the blood using the electrochemical properties of polymyxin B, while avoiding known side effects of its systemic administration. The in-vitro adsorption capacity (bovine blood) was measured as 640000 EU. (Sakai et al., 1993)



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